moderated Site updates #changelog


Changes to the site this week:

  • BUGFIX: In the mobile view, the Subgroups link was not always displayed when it should be.
  • BUGFIX: Fixed several screen reader accessibility issues throughout the site.
  • CHANGE: Updated the Google Group transfer page with changed directions.
  • BUGFIX: Fixed the Edit button on the Hashtags page on Safari.
  • BUGIFX: The 'Upload File' button was never disabled, even when it should have been, due to a typo in the HTML.
  • CHANGE: Removed from the list of banned email domains, because they no longer have a disposable email address feature.
  • CHANGE: For messages with both a plain text and html part, we now insert the message footer into both parts (previously we'd only insert it into the html part).
  • CHANGE: Ignore bad certificates from Yahoo when downloading y! group photos.
  • CHANGE: Tweaked plan text message footers to make them much smaller.
  • CHANGE: When inviting someone who is not already a user, prioritize setting their Full Name to what was in the invite over what their email is set to.
  • CHANGE: Changed the time format in the calendar views to use am and pm instead of a and p.
  • NEW: You can now change the owner of a photo album.
  • NEW: You can now change the owner of an individual photo.
  • BUGFIX: Removed unused Search button on the chat page.
  • CHANGE: When viewing poll results, keep the order of respondents the same in View By Answer mode. Also removed pagination widget, because we don't currently paginate that page.
  • BUGFIX: For messages with text larger than 32kb in length, we incorrectly passed a much shorter part of the message to the search indexer than was necessary.
  • CHANGE: Changed the gavel icon to a scale to represent moderated threads.
  • BUGFIX: Some error messages weren't being displayed correctly when editing a group's settings (such as group description being too short).
  • NEW: Exportgroup now exports more member data, in json format. For premium/enterprise groups, we now export past member data. And we export member notices.
  • NEW: You can now move photos between photo albums.
  • CHANGE: In the pending message page, all buttons are disabled until at least one message is selected.
  • INTERNAL: Completed switchover to new search cluster.
  • CHANGE: In message, wiki and api revision list pages, if there are two revisions checked, and we check another revision, we remove the oldest revision check.

Have a good weekend everybody.


Bob Bellizzi

Get some rest, Mark!

Bob Bellizzi

Founder, Fuchs Friends ®
Founder & Executive Director, The Corneal Dystrophy Foundation