moderated Joining in subgroup without waiting for approving parent group #suggestion

YT9TP - Pedja

I asked this in but was suggested that here is better place to ask. There is also some short discussion on the subject so it os good to se that topic too.

Her is the issue:

When user wants to join to subgroup he is instructed he has to join parent group first. If parent group requires approving that means he has to join parent, wait to be approved, then join subgroup and again wait to be approved.

This leads to people giving up joining groups for too much hassle. They meet with situation they do not expect, maybe even do not know how to handle it, especially it they come to for the first time. It is simply bad user experience.

it would be good, it user want so join subgroup he is instructed that it means he will be also join parent group (with asking for his approval) and then do all process in single iteration. After all user cannot avoid joining parent group too, so why wasting his time in double process?