locked Problem with Search Function Plus a Request

Janice B <weebee.1@...>

When I use the Search feature and my term has multiple words, I use a plus sign between the words so that “it” knows I want those two words to be right next to each other in the search results.  I did one like that about an hour ago I needed to find the message that gave instructions on how to use a certain tension test and the term I used was tension+test and all results had those two words right next to teach other.   We generate a lot of messages about tension problems (we are long arm quilters using a robotic machine) and I would have gotten a gazillion hits about tension problems if I hadn’t used the “+” between the words.


On another vein but still about searching.  I would very much like it if when we are searching in Files and we get a hit if it could show the file folder the PDF or doc is located in.  I got a hit and all it told me was it was in Files which I already knew.  We have lots and lots of files—I would love to have been shown a directory of sorts showing the exact folder containing the file I was searching for.  I had to open a lot of folder before I found the file I needed.


Janice Bahrt

Retired School Librarian


I tried using the + between words on a search. It did limit the results to posts where both words existed, but not always next to each other. Without it, the results were any file that had either word.

On the file search, hovering the mouse over the file name in the results will show the path to that file. You can also click on the file name to open it, which will show the path in the address bar.


weebeequilting <weebee.1@...>

Thank you Duane.  I never noticed those files search tips before.  You have saved me a lot of headaches.

Janice B