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Kevin Conod <kdconod@...>

Is it possible to change the images size on the Facebook integration?

As it is now, I often find that images posted or from a link are huge. Example: this morning someone from my local astronomy club posted a link to an article on our group's facebook page. The article featured a photo of a young woman. When I opened the email from our group via the integration, all I could see was her eye because the image is so large (see attached image)!

Also because the image is so large and the font so small, the text posted is almost invisible.

Is it just me or does the Facebook integration need smaller images and a bigger font for text?


Kevin Conod <kdconod@...>

No love for my suggestion? :-(

Bruce Bowman

On Thu, May 17, 2018 at 08:10 am, Kevin Conod wrote:
Is it possible to change the images size on the Facebook integration?
I suspect you're not getting much "love" for this because the Facebook integration isn't used all that much. But if I understand correctly, all it does is repost things from Facebook to the group as a new message.

It's also my understanding that all embedded images are rescaled to 640px in the long dimension. Image attachments can be rescaled using group settings (Admin->Settings->Max Size in Email).

What you're showing looks like it was cropped, not rescaled. Does the image continue to the right (and down) but you couldn't include it all in one screenshot? I also don't know what you mean by "images posted to or from a link."

Anyway, I suggest you check the same message online and report back what you find. If it's still too big, try playing with the existing photo settings and see if that remedies your problem. I personally have my group set up so all photos are rescaled to 1024px. This should be more than adequate for viewing online...or in email.

Hope this helps,

P.S. Those who have a real need to share print-quality images can always upload their files to cloud storage and post a link instead.