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Christopher Hallsworth <challsworth2@...>

Dear all,

Speaking of business models, I propose to you support for paying for advanced account level access via Paypal, including the option to set it up as a preapproved payment. This way, users do not have to have their credit/debit card on file but their Paypal account instead, should support for preapproved payments come into force.

On 25 Apr 2018, at 05:28, Mark Fletcher <> wrote:

Hi All,

This thread happened while I was on various planes.

I am totally fine with business model discussions, and there have been some interesting ideas discussed here, but these topics do tend to generate unfounded rumors and cause stress, which I’m unfortunately already seeing.

So, there is no need to delete your accounts! I’m not making any changes right now(i’m on vacation, and jet lagged!) If I ever do make any changes they will be discussed and telegraphed ahead of time. Remember, I didn’t start this thread.


Bob Bellizzi

Paypal even works well with any shopping cart. Most ot our donors use PayPal even though they don't have an account.  Some of them utilize it for recurring donations which Paypal nicely handles.
But, as I said the majority aren't and don't need to be Paypal account members.
Moderate away!

Bob Bellizzi

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