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Beth Weld

I'm hoping to move my group from yahoo to shortly, and the subgroup feature is a powerful motivator.  However I really need to build on that structure to further organize and streamline the various functions of my group.  An example:
Main Group
   Subgroup Meetings
          Subgroup   2018
                 Subgroup April
                 Subgroup May
If we had this structure, all items for the April, 2018 meeting including conversations would be contained in a subgroup that is easy to maintain.  This would cut down on hundreds (or thousands after a year or two) of emails in the Meetings subgroup that can be hard to search and maintain.

We currently have dozens of yahoo groups that I plan to bring under one umbrella, but a natural subgroup hierarchy would make life so much easier than having 1 level of (again) dozens of subgroups and growing every month.


Ginny T.

I too would find this very helpful and useful.
I'm also thinking it might be a bit of a huge thing to ask... :>)
But, yes, I would be one to support the request.
Ginny T.  gttemari21@...

Tom H

I hesitated to comment on this, thinking that there are better informed members than I that would. Methinks this is a misuse of the concept of Groups and Sub-Groups and what you are really in need of is a structure for messages. You seem to be trying to structure content through Sub-Groups, a facility that is intended as a means of splitting up members of the mother Group into focus groups. But your content is seemingly of interest to all members of the main group so there is no reason to break the membership into sub-groups. 

Could you not achieve the structure you want through #hashtags, e.g.,
#meetings #2018 #april for all Topics related to the meetings in April, 2018
#meetings #2018 #may for all Topics related to the meetings in May, 2018

The number of hashtags is quite manageable:
months = 12
meetings = 1
years = 1 per

Well, maybe there is a reason for sub-groups - getting posters to practice the discipline of using the right hashtags. But then you will have the same problem getting them to post in the right subgroup. Fixing hashtags is probably a lot easier for the admin than moving posts between subgroups.

Searching for connections among different months will be much easier if all the messages are in the same group. You cannot search across all subgroups.

Now there might be some enhancement along the lines of Categories that would help structure your content but for both subgroups of subgroups and Categories you will have to wait. What you have to work with, in addition to hashtags, are Databases, Wiki pages and structured naming patterns for Topics. I think you should explore further what you can do with the current features - no waiting. 

Beth Weld

Thanks Tom,
I used meetings as an example because they are easy, but the much larger challenge for us will be educational offerings which increase every month and never go away.   I'm trying to get rid of what turned out to be over a hundred yahoo groups (and growing) because most are a subset of the "main" group. As an example, members are able to sign up  and pay for a workshop. There are files, photos and conversations that pertain just to that workshop, and no one else is allowed to access.  There are at least 75 of those at the moment and growing.  I was trying to make things easier to  manage and use by grouping under broad subgroups.

I hadn't really considered databases or wiki pages so I'll think about those some more. I'm not seeing it, but then I could be blind.

The hashtag idea is interesting, and I'll work on it.  Like many other groups mine is not real technical so I would need to really streamline it.  I have watched the category discussion, and I don't think we are part of that game just yet.

Tom, thanks for your ideas and suggestions. I do understand the value of using what is already there and operational.  I also understand that there is no one way to do it, and suggestions from others really help get me out of my box.  I still like a good hierarchy for organization, but if I can't get it then I'll adapt.



On 04/11/2018 09:30 PM, Tom H wrote:
and what you are really in need of is a structure for messages.
For the described use case, I think you are correct.

However, I can see one use-case, for which sub-groups of a sub-group of
the main group might be useful:

Describing via example:

* Software Development Company list

** Software Program # 1 list

*** Support for Software Program # 1 list;
*** Development of Software Program # 1 list;
*** GitHub generated junk for and about Software Program # 1 list;

** Software Program # 2 list

*** Support for Software Program # 2 list;
*** Development of Software Program # 2 list;
*** GitHub generated junk for and about Software Program # 2 list;

** Software Program # 3 list

*** Support for Software Program # 3 list;
*** Development of Software Program # 3 list;
*** GitHub generated junk for and about Software Program # 3 list;

A second example:

* Educational Institution list;

** Biology Department list;

*** Biology 156 list;
*** Biology 157 list;
*** Biology 158 list;

** Math Department list;

*** Math 099 list;
*** Math 101 list;
*** Math 102 list;
*** Math 103 list;

** English Department list;

*** English 104 list;

**** English 104 Section 1 list;
**** English 104 Section 2 list;
**** English 104 Section 3 list;
**** English 104 Section 4 list;

*** English 103 list;

**** English 103 Section 1 list;
**** English 103 Section 2 list;
**** English 103 Section 3 list;
**** English 103 Section 4 list;

*** English 102 list;

**** English 102 Section 1 list;
**** English 102 Section 2 list;
**** English 102 Section 3 list;
**** English 102 Section 4 list;

*** English 101 list;

**** English 101 Section 1 list;
**** English 101 Section 2 list;
**** English 101 Section 3 list;
**** English 101 Section 4 list;

*** English 099 list;

**** English 099 Section 1 list;
**** English 099 Section 2 list;
**** English 099 Section 3 list;
**** English 099 Section 4 list;

*** English 098 list;

**** English 098 Section 1 list;
**** English 098 Section 2 list;
**** English 098 Section 3 list;
**** English 098 Section 4 list;

*** English 097 list;

**** English 097 Section 1 list;
**** English 097 Section 2 list;
**** English 097 Section 3 list;
**** English 097 Section 4 list;

*** English 096 list;

**** English 096 Section 1 list;
**** English 096 Section 2 list;
**** English 096 Section 3 list;
**** English 096 Section 4 list;

However, I don't see it being cost-effective for Mark to set this
functionality up, until an organization specifically requests it.
It makes for a useful Enterprise level feature.It would also require
more than a TB of storage space, if messages were archived --- something
that probably would be legally required.