moderated Wish-list: When "off-line" #suggestion


When writing a message at the .io WEB site (browser) interface my computer might (and has) disconnected
because I use the "Internet Off" timer program to auto disconnect the machine at the end of "every" hour.
(I seldom "lock" it on permanently with that same program.)

Other services (Yahoo Groups WEB site) notice the Internet is disconnected and warn you after hitting send.
The message is still on screen and "protected" so to speak.

When using .io WEB site my (Google Chrome) Browser tries to send the message and it disappears
and fails. Somehow Yahoo Groups WEB detects and handles what is obviously "operator error".
Please add to wish list. Thanks. (Been a member 2 days.) Rick


The "lost message" was found in the Drafts folder much later so no harm was done.
I might have set to save drafts frequently. Having connection detection "built-in" would
still be better. The(Yahoo) might be doing a pre-fetch check before actually trying the send...
(I only did FortranIV so can't be sure about new stuff...)
Thanks. Rick

RickGlaz <rickglaz4742435@...>

RE to 16316 + 16319
My work around is no longer an option since the third party Web-mail does not "play well"
with the messages coming from Groups.IO
All sorts of crazy things happen.
That discussion starts here: