moderated Add Photos and Add Attachments #suggestion

John Webster

Would like this feature as well

For background - admin wants to be able to remove old photos (worried about storage space) easily so created a photo album for that message topic. I uploaded photos to that album but can't link to them directly which would be nice

Alternatively, if the Email album could be purged of those linked images when a message topic is deleted that would keep my admin happy. I think that suggestion or something similar has been made already

Nerd analysis
I know this isn't trivial. The system uses tiny MCE and would have to create a picker that could navigate a group's photo directory, getting references to the actual file location on aws instead of the photo album url


dave w

And I'll add here, because tags covers same issues, that Sort Order customisation be created as well.
Naming [convention] is hell when left to the masses. For both folders and documents.

dave w

Absolutely Michael
This would (perhaps) cut down on clutter AND give more precise information.
Unfortunately some groups that haven't joined the 21st C yet persist in 'non attachment' mode as a form of security for the benefit of members.
I'll address that elsewhere tho,
Group Owner and Researcher

Michael Rickey (AF6FB) <michael.rickey@...>

When composing a message there are toolbar buttons to add a photo and to add an attachment. Both of these options allow me to select a local file on my computer and upload it for use in my message.

This is good, but, what if I want to add an image or a file from the group's Photos or Files sections? I think this would be a great way to answer common questions.

Easy links to other group elements would be nice as well, for example, sub-groups, calendar items, databases, wiki pages, etc.

Maybe it could be a toolbar icon to "Add Internal Link", from there you would select the type of item you want to link to and you'd get a list of items.

What are your thoughts?