moderated Site updates #changelog


Changes to the site this week:

  • CHANGE: Clicking a link database table column now takes you to the link, instead of to the view row page.
  • CHANGE: Display more information on the Yahoo Transfer page for each In Process transfer request.
  • BUGFIX: When viewing a subgroup home page, redirect when one of the unlisted privacy settings, but not otherwise.
  • INTERNAL: Improvements to the structured logging of web queries to make it easier to track activity.
  • BUGFIX: On mobile, in the Topics/Messages view, the Filter Funnel got pushed to a new line. Fixed.
  • BUGFIX: When adding a Reply-To line because of DMARC, use the original From line, email address and name, instead of just email address.
  • BUGFIX: Wiki pages were not being incrementally indexed by the search engine. Bug fixed and wiki pages fully re-indexed.
  • NEW: You can now cancel an event, which sends an email to everyone who RSVPed Yes or Maybe.
  • CHANGE: Removed requirement for sending a login link with an enterprise domain that the person have at least one subscription to that enterprise group. Made it impossible for someone with an account without a password to subscribe to their first enterprise group.
  • BUGFIX: Fixed the header when downloading the member list.
  • CHANGE: In the members page, changed the Action dropup to a dropdown.
  • BUGFIX: Fix stripping 'Sent from my ...' lines in plain text only messages that don't end with a newline.
  • NEW: For premium/enterprise groups, you can view past member activity and moderator notes.
  • CHANGE: No longer defaulting to send event notices to the group on creation/update.
  • BUGFIX: Fix redirect to login when trying to view the private guidelines of a group.

Have a good weekend everybody.


Bruce Bowman

On Fri, Mar 9, 2018 at 09:03 pm, Mark Fletcher wrote:
CHANGE: No longer defaulting to send event notices to the group on creation/update.
I'd like to see something like this for polls, too.

I recently created a poll that had a couple of typos. I edited it to fix the typos -- and added some more possible answers, too -- not realizing that every time I clicked the update button a new notification went out to the group.

People were duly annoyed.