moderated Make Mute Topic and Mute Hashtag landing pages consistent #suggestion



The landing page for the Mute Topic link in messages has buttons
[Yes] [No]

The landing page for the Mute Hashtag link in messages has buttons
[+ Mute] [x Cancel]

I recommend changing Topic to also be Mute and Cancel as that's more consistent with the buttons on the home page at the tops of Topics. In fact you could go so far as using the same button:
[ Mute This Topic] with the speaker icon.

And while talking about the Hashtag landing page, I reiterate the idea that neither the Mute Hashtag nor the Group field should be alterable. In fact that information could be written out as a sentence, much more like the Mute Topic page.

My experience with the Group selector on that page is inconsistent - sometimes it has been pre-set to the proper group, sometimes not. Maybe accidental?