moderated Database Row Ownership


It may be a 'pie in the sky' idea, but I want to bring it up since it's been asked about a few times on GMF.  It would be very handy in some cases to be able to assign ownership of a row in a database.  In particular, an owner/moderator could enter the information initially, then assign ownership of a row to the person it pertains to so they could make changes, if/when needed, as long as the 'Moderators, the Table Owner, and the Row Owner' option is chosen for editing.  It would mainly be used for clubs or similar groups.  There have been a couple of times that I would have used it, but we seem to manage without it, for now anyway.  Any consideration would be appreciated.


Mike S <mikethebiguy@...>

+1 to this. We have a membership database and the information is initially entered by our moderators before the new member is added. This means our moderators will also have to make any updates to the database.

Being able to transfer ownership to the member would remove an obstacle for our members and make the database more reliable.


+1 very similar to the reasons I listed on #24698