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Summary sent to pending members 4 messages By J_Catlady ·
Database column headers obscuring description text 6 messages By Andy Wedge ·
Bug in displaying Banned Members 3 messages By Andy Wedge ·
Testing Notifications; Fault or Feature? 6 messages By Chris Jones ·
Missing reminders 5 messages By Shal Farley ·
Your Subscription link in email footer opens other account subscription page 8 messages By Jim Wilson ·
Member activity filter applied when searching activity log 1 messages By Andy Wedge ·
moderated Daily Summary not being sent to some people 14 messages By Mark Fletcher ·
GMF archive display format error In Topics view 3 messages By Andy Wedge ·
Member Status 1 messages By Duane ·
'No email' attribute ignored on 'file' hashtag 5 messages By Mark Fletcher ·
Merge into odd-named topic not right 2 messages By Mark Fletcher ·
Failed file upload still sends notification 3 messages By Mark Fletcher ·
reason for moderation incorrectly stated in log when group is "moderate first message" 1 messages By J_Catlady ·
First Message Also 3 messages By J_Catlady ·
moderated Infinite scroll doesn't work consistently 9 messages By Jim Wilson ·
Duplicate messages in Tooic 4 messages By CoProS Moderator ·
Muting/Following hashtag issues 2 messages By Mark Fletcher ·
Searching Database - blank column data 3 messages By Mark Fletcher ·
Hashtag mute duration not working 2 messages By Mark Fletcher ·
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