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Peachhead™ was originally formed in 1997 by then new mom Linda Perry. It has since grown from 15 women to over 16,000 families - with more joining each day. It is a community made up of families, for families.

The Peachhead™ community provides resources, information and support for families of all types. It is a place to share opinions, forge friendships and learn about each other's similarities and differences. Topics vary by day and members are free to discuss anything relating to children and lifestyle. Political discussions are discouraged and insults, "flames" and personal attacks are not tolerated.

Peachhead™ has successfully harnessed the power of the Internet to create a unique place for people with families to connect. Originally started to support the families in and around Los Angeles, Peachhead™ has now grown to encompass several sub-groups for people interested in specific topics. In addition to the Los Angeles group, there are currently a variety of Peachhead™ sub-groups. Peachhead™ is continuing to expand.