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Wasilla, AK. Same house since June 15, 1977.   
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An Alaska firefighter since October, 1969, I started at the Elmendorf AFB in the fire department. I was there from 19Oct69-28Oct72.
During that time I also worked as an Auxiliary Firefighter for the 'old' City of Anchorage (early 1970 to mid 1971, when the AFD Auxiliary program was dissolved).
Then I moved over to the GAAB Fire Department to work as an Auxiliary - sometimes full-shift fill-ins (late 1971- May 31, 1973 - during the big O'Malley/Hillside Burn).
And on June 2, 1973, at 1800, I went to work for AFD at the 'old - 6th & C' Station One. I retired as Battalion One 'C' from AFD, from the 'new - 4th & A' Station One on June 3, at 0900 with 29 years, 15 hours of service.

During that time I worked more fire stations and units within the Anchorage area than any other firefighter ever had, or ever will. It was just a matter of time and timing.

Elmendorf: Station One, Two, and opened the original Three in an old USFS warehouse in the woods near the 'hospital area.' A few other AFD veterans put in some time at EDF before and after me.
International Airport: Station One - AIA ran out of fire trucks and I, obviously along with other crew, put in about five shifts at AIA Station One with an Air Force AS32-P-2 Crash Truck.
Fort Richardson: Station One - Like AIA, Fort Rich ran out of fire trucks so Elmendorf firefighters took a structural engine to Ft. Rich and staffed it for a week or so.
Kulis ANG: (now closed) Station One - I got out of the Air Force and put in almost two years with the AK Air Guard at Kulis FD. A few other AFD veterans put in some time at Kulis before and after me.
AFD/Municipality of Anchorage: 'old' Station One, then carried the flag from old One to the now Station One when it opened; Station Two (closed in the late 70's); 'old' Station Three on Airport Heights; Station Four on McInnes, before it was rebuilt; Station Five on McRae, before it was rebuilt; Station Six on DeBarr, before it was rebuilt; 'old' Station Seven when it was on E. 84th Ave, and 'new' Station Seven on Jewel Lake; Station Eight, eight years during the 70's and 80's - I started the Air Resources operation there in the early 80's, and managed 'the wood shop' before that; Station Nine on Huffman; 'old' Station 10, at the bottom of Rabbit Creek Rd, and the now Station 10 on Mt. Air Dr.; 'old' Station 11 on Eagle River Rd., and the now Station 11, across the street; Station 12, I was the Acting Sr. Captain during the occupation and construction/remodel of the old Central Alaska Utilities building that is now Station 12.
GAAB: (before hiring on to AFD and, ultimately, unification) 'old, old' Station Five when it was on 29th Place at Arctic Blvd.; 'old, old' Station Six when it was on Boundary, near the Muldoon/Glenn Interchange; 'old' Station Seven when it was on E. 82nd Ave; 'old, old' Station Nine when it was on Lake Otis, immediately north of Campbell Creek; 'old' Station 10 when it was in the Rabbit Creek Lion's Club building; 'old, old' Station 11, when it was on Monte St. where Chepo's is now - the old mobile-home attached to a garage.

That's a total of 26 different stations (28 if the 'ownership' of the building is considered - some were GAAB/AFD in the same building at different times) within the Anchorage Fire Service Area boundaries, including the military and AIA.

In addition, between late 1977 and the mid-1980's, I worked with the former MatSu Borough/City of Wasilla FSA#1 responding out of the old station on Main St. In addition, I was also on the Board of Supervisors for the Wasilla Fire Department. I dropped that for a few years then got back on the Board from about 1997-2020 - one of the longest-serving members ever on the board. During the time I was active on the board we hired three different Fire Chiefs; the name of the department migrated to "Central MatSu Fire Department", FSA#31; and not less than four new fire stations were constructed/added to the service area. Central is the second-largest fire department in the State of Alaska.

I am still involved with the fire service in Alaska. I've been 'working in and with fire departments in Alaska' for over 50 years.