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On 21 Jan 2020, at 18:27, Mark Fletcher <> wrote:

Ideally, I would not have to moderate (or spend much time involved with) the #proposal process. I think we all want me focused on actually getting stuff implemented. :-)

The sub-group sounds like a good idea - we have working groups in our organisation to facilitate exactly this, which is what your unmoderated sub-group would effectively be.

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moderated Process to propose new features #meta


Hi All,

Ken in mentioned something I've been thinking about. Right now, proposing a #suggestion is a free-for-all. Duplicate suggestions appear often. Previously discarded suggestions come back up, etc etc. It would help me if we could establish some kind of process around it, a way to help people vet their ideas before they are officially proposed. It would not be my goal to put up roadblocks or otherwise intimidate newbies from sharing their ideas; the opposite actually. I want to increase the quality of suggestions.

It seems it would be good for there to be a way to 'discuss' a proposed suggestion before it actually becomes a suggestion. Which means that the suggestion process involves two steps, the #proposal and the #suggestion. I can see two ways of doing the #proposal:

  • Create a new, unmoderated subgroup to discuss proposals.
  • Add a new feature to hashtags that would work as follows:
    • The topic is set so that no one follows it.
    • Replying to the message automatically sets you to follow the topic.
    • You would be able to manually follow the topic as well if you wish.

In either case, once a consensus is reached (and only then), submit a #suggestion, referencing the proposal topic. If there's no interest in the #proposal, it doesn't become a #suggestion.

Ideally, I would not have to moderate (or spend much time involved with) the #proposal process. I think we all want me focused on actually getting stuff implemented. :-)


Thanks, Mark

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On Tue, Jan 21, 2020 at 09:56 AM, Chris Jones wrote:
people should not be banned from expressing genuinely held reservations about something
Especially should be allowed if the genuinely held reservations have to do with concern for the product as a whole, rather than a personal desire or dislike, respectively, for a suggested feature. This is especially true in the case of suggested optional-per-group features. When argued against, there is often a backlash by some here to the effect that "just because you don't want it, don't assume that other groups don't want it." I may or may or not a suggested optional feature x for my own group. But regardless of whether or not I personally would find it useful, I may argue against it because I feel that having the feature in some groups and not others would cause confusion at a higher level, when users see it one group and assume it's there in another (and vice-versa) and get confused by the inconsistency. So there are genuinely held reservations that have more to do with global rather than personal, local concerns.

Messages are the sole opinion of the author, especially the fishy ones.
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moderated Re: non-mod usable beta tag set for private replies only #meta


I disagree. Let us have a little personality here! You could limit the number of lines in a signature as an optional group setting (something I suggested here long ago, actually.) That could cut down on the sheer volume. 

Messages are the sole opinion of the author, especially the fishy ones.
My humanity is bound up in yours, for we can only be human together. - Desmond Tutu

moderated Re: non-mod usable beta tag set for private replies only #meta

Chris Jones

On Tue, Jan 21, 2020 at 05:16 PM, Ken Kloeber wrote:
** Mark, could I also suggest that signatures on Beta (other than a name, etc.) be "discouraged"?  They add nothing to Beta and are better reserved for individual groups and just add to the volume we have to view.  If you don't have one, I don't see a compelling reason why we need them.
A very definite "Like" for that!


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On Mon, Jan 20, 2020 at 7:41 PM J_Catlady <j.olivia.catlady@...> wrote:

What should be done now, if anything, about suggestions we've already posted on canny? I noticed you implemented the MF group setting option from there. Should I assume that the rest of my suggestions there have already "registered" with you, or should I/we start repeating them here?

I just went through Canny and posted a bunch of #suggestions to beta (I temporarily turned the #suggestion hashtag to No Email when I did so to avoid spamming the list).
Same question with bugs reported to support for which no acknowledgement was received. I have a couple in my sent folder from long ago and could repost them here.

Please do.


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Chris Jones

On Tue, Jan 21, 2020 at 05:15 PM, Ken Kloeber wrote:
- "That would cause a mess" or "cause more confusion than now" or "can't be implemented"  or ..... similar type replies.  
I can see what you are getting at but people should not be banned from expressing genuinely held reservations about something.

- For the most part "opinions" have little value and add to unnecessary chaff on Beta.  Everyone has one and every one (just as everyone) is as valid as another.
That is, of course, an opinion and thus by your own definition adds little value. :) At the same time almost all suggestions are based on an "opinion".


moderated Enlarge the vertical size of the "Your Groups" pull-down menu #suggestion


(Copied over from the Canny board)

Right now it's always the same height (not big enough IMO) regardless of the screen's vertical-size, so there is scrolling that much of it can be avoided if the menu's vertical size/height was bigger.

Thanks and Cheers,


moderated Allow unlock of auto-locked topics #suggestion


(Copied over from the Canny board)

Topics that were automatically locked or moderated by a group time-out setting, when unlocked/moderated by hand go back to being locked/moderated overnight by the system. It should be possible to unlock or unmoderate such topics by hand and have them stay that way.

moderated Thumbnails in Topics view #suggestion


(Copied over from the Canny board)

Would it be possible for owners to set the option to have the default topics/messages view feature a thumbnail in the snippet preview?

Seems like for a group like a classifieds - that this would be nice - like in the feed - but with snippet. First image is a mock-up and i

didn’t flatten it so you can see the extra space needed to accommodate a slightly smaller thumbnail.

moderated Search member directory #suggestion #done


(Copied over from the Canny board)

As a member I want to be able to search the member directory so I can find others based on information within their profile.

Specific to our situation, members own different models of sailboats. I would like to be able to find the members that have the same sailboat model as myself.

moderated Counters in member dropdown #suggestion


(Copied over from the Canny board)

Add counters to the various categories in the member dropdown - pending, bouncing, etc.

moderated Merge posts from one group to another #suggestion


(Copied over from the Canny board)

Especially needed after the yahoo groups migration, splinter groups, temporary groups, etc. also transfer from group to subgroup, and vice versa.

moderated Hashtags - moderators rights allocated to single or multiple people. #suggestion


(Copied over from the Canny board)

Would it be possible to add a setting to #hashtags in order to only allow certain individuals to create topics with these tags. Like moderators only but with specific people, or lists of people. Or basically Moderators with abilities limited to certain hashtags. So they can admin their own related tags and messages.

Suggest as an extra setting, as can see this would have performance implications.

moderated Coordinate banning w removal #suggestion


(Copied over from the Canny board)

The process and effects of banning vs. removing a member are now slightly better coordinated than they were before (e.g., banning a member now also adds them to the "past members" list, which was formerly not the case).

However, the two functions are still severely uncoordinated. This request is to determine exactly what each currently does, and what each should do, in order to better coordinate with the other and to better match expectations. Current problems include

  1. Banning a member now adds them to the "past members" list, which is good; but the records do not match in several ways, including notably the "notes" field.

  2. Banning a member still does not actually remove them in certain senses. For example, the member's display name ceases to show in their messages when someone has actually left or been removed from a group. However, it still shows when the member has been banned. (They are still not actually removed in this sense.)

  3. Clicking on the banned member's display name within their posts brings up their full membership page, as if they are actually still a member of the group. Whereas a "true" removed or "left" member has no such member page any more; they only have the foreshortened record in the "past members" list.

There are undoubtedly more instances of mismatches; I have not done the analysis. I think that intuitively, banning a member should remove them from the group, with all that entails. So that basically, banning includes removing. The removal should be done automatically when the mod bans someone. There is probably more that needs to be considered, given the anomalous way separate records are created for banned members, but this area is still very messy and in some cases results in very nonintuitive effects. It seems that bandaids have been applied? (no pun intended) instead of doing a thorough analysis. The whole thing should be cleaned up.

moderated Ideas for future admin reports #suggestion


(Copied over from the Canny board)

We are looking at engagement, retention, attrition in our org.

Some ideas that would be helpful for community managers:

  1. A report that tells you who has and who has not joined subgroups

  2. A report that tells you who is set to special notice/ digest/summary etc..

  3. A report that tells you join date and first post date and gives you an idea if they have jumped in - or maybe they need assistance…

moderated Web/Online FOLLOW functionality enhancement #suggestion


(Copied over from the Canny board)

Enable the Follow/Unfollow functionality not just at the All Groups-All Topics central hub, but also anytime one is in topic (or maybe also message) view in any group; or at least enable it based on whether someone has set a specific group's subscription to Following-Only or not.

Alternatively, upgrade the All Groups-All Topics screen with various sorts and filters to enhance functionality and usability; the way that screen is naked now, makes using it cumbersome to anyone but folks with exclusive Following-Only subscription setting and/or very few groups.

moderated Increase engagement/help onboarding #suggestion


(Copied over from the Canny board)

Is there a message to members that we can have the system send DIRECTLY ( as a DM in their inbox - not in a digest/summary) and on a pre-defined schedule so that we can touch base with newbies in intervals - like :

  • after 1 week of joining
  • after 1 month of joining
  • etc

And is there a way for the system to “know” who is a new join and who is instead a “renewal/rejoin”?

moderated Add pre-added pictures option to editing messages #suggestion


(Copied over from the Canny board)

My group is about Alchemy. We have lots of symbols and imagery to use in conversation which are not a part of any standard keyboard. So I would like to be able to create *.png files, which would be available for members from a drop down/extra option on the editor. The filename would serve as what the symbol is. These would then be available to be added into messages as per an image, except these would generally be smaller to be able to be use as alternative text.

Technically speaking this is currently achievable with adding images, but isn't practical and doesn't give the whole group access. I can elaborate more if need be.

moderated Lunar Calendar Plugin #suggestion


(Copied over from the Canny board)

Would it be possible to have a Lunar Calendar. My group is about Alchemists and the Lunar cycle is very important. You can get calendars that show all the phases of the moon. So hopefully its not a difficult addition.

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