moderated Increase engagement/help onboarding #suggestion


(Copied over from the Canny board)

Is there a message to members that we can have the system send DIRECTLY ( as a DM in their inbox - not in a digest/summary) and on a pre-defined schedule so that we can touch base with newbies in intervals - like :

  • after 1 week of joining
  • after 1 month of joining
  • etc

And is there a way for the system to “know” who is a new join and who is instead a “renewal/rejoin”?

moderated Add pre-added pictures option to editing messages #suggestion


(Copied over from the Canny board)

My group is about Alchemy. We have lots of symbols and imagery to use in conversation which are not a part of any standard keyboard. So I would like to be able to create *.png files, which would be available for members from a drop down/extra option on the editor. The filename would serve as what the symbol is. These would then be available to be added into messages as per an image, except these would generally be smaller to be able to be use as alternative text.

Technically speaking this is currently achievable with adding images, but isn't practical and doesn't give the whole group access. I can elaborate more if need be.

moderated Lunar Calendar Plugin #suggestion


(Copied over from the Canny board)

Would it be possible to have a Lunar Calendar. My group is about Alchemists and the Lunar cycle is very important. You can get calendars that show all the phases of the moon. So hopefully its not a difficult addition.

moderated Upload ICS file into the calendar #suggestion


(Copied over from the Canny board)

It would useful for us to be able to upload an ICS file from another calendar application to populate our calendar. Currently an ICS file can be downloaded from the calendar, but we need an upload capability.

moderated Allow comments below photos #suggestion


(Copied over from the Canny board)

Would tremendously reduce the number of messages sent commenting on a photo or thanking commenters.

moderated Attachment to Notices #suggestion


(Copied over from the Canny board)

Would like to be able to attach files to Pending Member & Approved Member automatic notices.

moderated Merge topics within search #suggestion


(Copied over from the Canny board)

As a moderator I want to use search to merge topics so I can combine messages that have been posted with a large time difference

Today, the merge feature is only available when you page through topics chronologically. This is time consuming and difficult to find similar messages that have been posted with a large time difference between posts.

One more comment to try to gain some more support for this one. We've recently migrated 1,000s of messages from Yahoo Groups and this process of merging old messages is painful. But the reward is when someone finds a message through search they will see all of the other messages in the thread.

moderated Moderator - Profiles #suggestion


(Copied over from the Canny board)

Would it be possible to configure some predefined Moderator roles. I intend to split my moderators into 3 roles. It would be nice to be able to create some predefined moderators, which can then just be allocated to people rather than individually set them.

The 3 roles I have identified would be:

  1. Adding members, sole ability is to add, review or ban members
  2. Content Managers - Manage hashtags management to keep group organised. New tags, modify, update message topics etc
  3. Actual moderators, who access topics/messages, make changes etc

Also, I would like to be able to change the name of the Role Moderator to something else. Maybe can be a name change to "Content Manager" just a label change, not behind the scenes change. Still considered a Moderator, just would be easy for users to identify the differences.

moderated Automated event invites when someone join a group #suggestion


(Copied over from the Canny board)

A group setting where when someone joins a group, they receive a set of invites to all current calendar events. And when someone leaves a group, they receive a set of cancel event notices for all current calendar events.

moderated More mod-permission granularity #suggestion


(Copied over from the Canny board)

The granularity of mod permissions is currently very crude. Pls add settings for the group owner to control

  1. Whether or not a mod is privy to receiving owner messages. Currently, the mod themselves sets it as an email delivery setting, and it is assumed that all mods are privy to these messages. Instead, access permission would be granted by the owner or not, and only if access permission has been granted would the mod would be able to set their email delivery preference to actually receive or not receive them.

  2. Whether or a not a mod has access to Member "Notes" pages. For some mods, a group owner may want these to be private in the sense of limited to certain mods only. They may, for example, contain personal info about the member that should not be widely distributed if there are several mods. Etc.

  3. In general, review all the possible things moderators currently have access to and permission for by default, and consider making them individual mod settings.

moderated Re: hashtag "done" for suggestions, analogous to "fixed" for bugs #meta #done


Haha. :-) Great!

On Tue, Jan 21, 2020 at 9:13 AM Mark Fletcher <> wrote:




Messages are the sole opinion of the author, especially the fishy ones.
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moderated Re: non-mod usable beta tag set for private replies only #meta


>>>On Mon, Jan 20, 2020 at 08:21 PM, J_Catlady wrote:
At this point I have no particularly compelling example.<<<
A (non-specific) example could be if there was a way using Private to formulate (read: fine-tune) a soon-to-be-formalized #suggestion and minimize the chaff (my new fav word, the visual fits so well) that leads up to (at least some) finally agreeing on a "way to" - or what "should" - be suggested to be implemented.  I'm envisioning something akin to

"Topic X #suggestion
I'm thinking of suggesting that Mark implement X, in a way to effectuate Y but also allow Z and Q for our group."   
"Anyone have anything to add to that that would make it better?

I believe that it would lend itself to more thoughtful replies than the easy-to-instantly-hit "Reply" (in other words, ready-aim-suggest (not fire-ready-aim).+
A drawback is the messaging would all be individual, with no group collaboration as if it were on here or, say, Basecamp or other.
If there's some way to provide that type discussion it might streamline the discussion here, if only because a lot of the misunderstandings/clarifications could be fixed up front.

** Mark, could I also suggest that signatures on Beta (other than a name, etc.) be "discouraged"?  They add nothing to Beta and are better reserved for individual groups and just add to the volume we have to view.  If you don't have one, I don't see a compelling reason why we need them.

moderated Re: New Group Charter #admin


>>>Mark Fletcher wrote:
Please let me know if you have any questions.<<<

Not only a 'charter' question but a suggestion as well.  Will you be publishing guidelines - specifically referring to what is most helpful to you and want to see added (or refrained from) re: discussion of a #suggestion.  Some thoughts if you decide to go that route:

- "I agree" and "me too" be forever banned (unless Beta is intended to be a popularity poll.)  "LIKE" works.

- "No one will use that" -  no one has enough foresight to definitively predict what the average user (or non-average) will or will -

- "That would cause a mess" or "cause more confusion than now" or "can't be implemented"  or ..... similar type replies.  

- For the most part "opinions" have little value and add to unnecessary chaff on Beta.  Everyone has one and every one (just as everyone) is as valid as another.

- "Fact-based" -  discussions/additions/clarifications that are fact-based and add to understanding or clarification (or forbid improvement) of someone else's suggestion, not leading to needing to defend one's opinions (rather than presenting or clarifying facts,) which adds tons of chaff. 



moderated Subgroup staging state and scheduled start date/time #suggestion


I would like to be able to set-up subgroups that are for a specific purpose for instance cooking a Full english breakfast.  Would be good to be able to set at specified date/time to switched to new "permanent" settings as per now. The reason for a specific date/time would be to coincide with a marketing release or start date of something. 

These include :- Eggs, Bacon, sausages, hash browns, toasts, fried slice, black pudding, tomatoes, baked beans, mushrooms etc. Add a vegetarian and vegan spins. Then you need a cooker, gas, electric, wood. Implements like frying and sauce pans to plates, knives and fork. Do you do plastic, wood or whatever materials. 

I want to have it public, but only after its been fully configured with hashtags and messages, databases and polls. I want to flesh out the site before I decide its permenant fate.

Maybe we could have the staging as a Template, can't send emails, but can directly add. Limit to 10 people. The types of emails sending can be tested with temporary subgroups. So not needed here. 

As a research group, could possibly use subgroups for specific subjects, would be good to create template subgroups for this purpose. Master templates, then copies to be used. A copy is not updated if master changes.

moderated Re: hashtag "done" for suggestions, analogous to "fixed" for bugs #meta #done




moderated hashtag "done" for suggestions, analogous to "fixed" for bugs #meta #done


I notice there is a #fixed hashtag for bugs. Maybe there could be an equivalent #done or #implemented (or other status) tag for suggestions. You could argue that it would be redundant because those changes are included in the changelog, but bug fixes are also included there. So having hashtags for both would be more symmetrical.

Messages are the sole opinion of the author, especially the fishy ones.
My humanity is bound up in yours, for we can only be human together. - Desmond Tutu

moderated Re: non-mod usable beta tag set for private replies only #meta

Samuel Murrayy

On 21/01/2020 01:35, Mark Fletcher wrote:

On Mon, Jan 20, 2020 at 04:28 PM, J_Catlady wrote:

...and/or they want to communicate with others offlist about the
subject for some other (non-nefarious) reason, thinking that beta
members may be the best-equipped to discuss it with.
My first inclination is to not do this. I thought there was too much
off-topic stuff on Beta recently, and I'd like to avoid that going forward.
I understand, but you must realise that your changes are going to change
the nature of the "beta community". Although chit-chat has always been
officially discouraged here, chit-chat nevertheless occurred.

So here's a suggestion: create a subgroup for beta'ers who want to talk
in a somewhat less formalised setting, It need not
be a free-for-all chat group -- it'll be a place where beta'ers can have
discussions unmoderated that they may personally feel veer just a little
too far away from the main group's neat and tidy setup.


moderated Re: make "use by mods only" hashtag restriction viewable by non-mods #suggestion


Larry wrote:

I'm not sure what form the implementation would take, but if all are
visible, this would be a perfect place for Tooltips!
I like this idea, and would make the tooltip cover the entire box area, not just the slashed-circle "no" symbol.

Only if J's letter badges idea is adopted would I limit the tool-tip to the area of the associated badge (since there might be more than one).

For a list of tags as short as beta's that's likely sufficient. But I
think the addition of a "Also Show Moderator-Only Hashtags"
checkbox (default off) at the top of the list would likely be very
helpful in groups with a larger collection of hashtags.


moderated Re: non-mod usable beta tag set for private replies only #meta


On Mon, Jan 20, 2020 at 09:37 PM, Bill Burns wrote:
Surely this is why the Group Managers Forum list exists.
Yes but the problem persists here. 

Messages are the sole opinion of the author, especially the fishy ones.
My humanity is bound up in yours, for we can only be human together. - Desmond Tutu

moderated Re: non-mod usable beta tag set for private replies only #meta

Bill Burns

On 1/20/2020 8:21 PM, J_Catlady wrote:
The main kinds of off-topic posts I see in beta involve “help” questions. Even with the new hashtag restrictions, topics here frequently start with a valid suggestion but then quickly devolve into long, drawn-out “how to” threads that don’t belong in beta. I think that adding a “private” hashtag even to those kinds of threads, once they take off in that kind of direction, could actually cut down on clutter and messsges that don’t belong in beta.
Surely this is why the Group Managers Forum list exists.


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