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Marv Waschke

Great idea. Avatars for groups would be much more useful to me than a background color. I'm hopelessly color blind. (If you want a laugh, watch me try to terminate a cat5 cable with an rj45 plug.)

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South Texas Hamfest <southtexashamfest@...>

Is there any way that an alternative background color can be set for each group? 

As an owner of several groups, some with similar names but different functions, 
I have found it too easy to click to another group and post information in error.
(As a result I am having to shift about 385 people to the correct group)
This could be solved with an alternative background color, border color, navigation menu color or
an unique Icon for that group next to the "Home" button.
ANYTHING to help distinguish what group we are working in.

Please advise

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Robert Schechter

That sounds like a great idea, a shortcut icon, as in favicon.ico

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[Beta] New comment on card "Block by domain" by Mark Fletcher:


[Beta] The card "Block by domain" was archived.

moderated Files suggestions

Michael Pavan

I realized some features were lacking while re-organizing our Files section and having to manually move or delete files one by one.

1) Add check box for each file (as in Admin: Members) to enable mass Move, Delete, or Report File

I presume "Report File" is to <> rather than to , but is not stated...

2) Add default view control by: Name, Type, Uploaded By, Size, or Uploaded (date)
Currently Files view default is: Name (#s, A-Z)

3) Add Folder Delete option:
"Delete this folder and move everything in it to: <select destination> ?”

4) Add “invite Scroll” (and 50 or 100 per page) options
Currently it is “20 per page"

moderated Re: Updating existing file in Files #suggestion

Toby Kraft

Another feature I suggested to Mark a while back is to incorporate an online office suite into the site.  This would allow users to collaboratively edit files without upload/download and "keeping it all straight" issues.  Before I came to, I used a site that had this and it was great.  Like having your own private to the group Google Drive.  Like OnlyOffice or some other open source online document editor package.  Lot of work to integrate with security model though I imagine.

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This was brought up about 3 years ago,  It was on the TODO list at one time, but I don't see it now.


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I made this same suggestion awhile back. It might already be on the Todo list. I'm not sure.


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moderated Updating existing file in Files #suggestion

YT9TP - Pedja

When I need to replace already uploaded file in FIles, I have to delete existing file first and then upload new with the same file name.

In the process, I also have to copy and save file description as I want to preserve it and then set it again on new file version upload.

I could not find better way to do it.

There is option to edit existing file but it allows editing file name and description only.

It would be good to have an option to simply replace already uploaded file with new one without loosing any other data about file.

moderated Controls for Creating Photo Albums #suggestion

Ginny T.

I've tried to search out if this has already been discussed/requested but haven't  come up with anything - it would be very, VERY helpful to have separate controls over albums and photos, to allow members to upload photos but NOT to create albums.

In the several groups I either own or manage, we try to manage photos both for general housekeeping as well as storage space. There isn't a way to prevent members from willy-nilly setting up their own albums as opposed to uploading their photos to an appropriate existing album. User instruction is provided that says "please don't do this" - but....

A management option (similar to how the databases can be controlled where a moderator creates the table, and then users can add lines), that would allow moderators to create albums and users to upload photos would be so helpful.

Maybe, please?
Ginny T.  gttemari21@...

moderated Re: Database export as CSV #suggestion

Jeremy H

On Tue, Jun 26, 2018 at 07:29 am, Mark Irving wrote:
Export Table suggestion 1

The name provided by for that download is downloadtable.txt. It would save a little messing about in the file-save-as dialog box if the name were table-name.csv with table-name filled in with the name of the table.

Export Table suggestion 2

The exported data do not include the ID or Updated columns. It might be helpful to include those columns.

 - Mark, Cambridgeshire, UK

I agree with both these; and regarding suggestion 2 would go further, and so that the ID or Updated columns should be included by default - maybe with an option, to permit excluding them, if this can easily be done.


moderated Re: Configurable date and time format options

Arno Martens

On Tue, Jun 26, 2018 at 01:51 pm, Mark Fletcher wrote:

In any case, we prefer to display a spelled out month (at least the first
three characters...) when we can, as I think that's a better display
overall. So all 'hovered' dates have the month text. And when we're in the
same year as the date to display, we use text as well.
Thank you, Mark

As mentioned my preference is YYYY-MMM-DD but any format that defines the month in letters is OK with me.

moderated Re: Configurable date and time format options

Jeremy H

Something I would like to see changed is the description of the two time options - I don't know how universal the current ones are - saying they are 12 or 24 hour. For some people 'Standard' is 24-hour!

I would prefer '12 hour clock (Common use, with am/pm, e.g. 3:04pm)' and '24 hour clock (Military, e.g. 15:04)', or something like those. 

Regarding dates, if it is easy enough, options to add variants (in all three orders!) with a text (three letter) version of the month (Jan, etc.) would I think be desirable. And having chosen a date format, that is the one I would like - always - to see (that's why I chose it), both on the basic web page, and on 'hovering' (everywhere - the  calender is not as Mark stated above, hovering on an event gives me my chosen (ISO) date format)


moderated Re: Photo Album Editing


That was a couple of weeks ago when Mark went wild with improvements,  It's easy to overlook something when that happens, but I really appreciate all of the work that goes into making this a great site.


moderated Photo Album Editing

Chris Jones

Mark; a passing remark by Shal prompted me to have a look at the Photos section of the Group I moderate and there it was; the ability to move photos between albums! I haven't tried it yet (I had to do it the very hard way a few weeks ago) but I have no reason to suspect that it won't be anything less than waqht is required.

I can't find any mention of this additional feature in any change log, although my search wasn't all that intensive so I may just have missed it.

Many thanks for providing that; where is the #Thank_you hashtag when you need it...


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does the 24hour option also work in calender events? At the moment I can only choose the am/pm-version....when I create a new event.
Same goes for time of messages; I see am/pm.
And does the date option comprise group starts? I chose the DD.MM.YYYY option but it still shows the original MM/DD/YYYY.

---- Group Information

moderated Re: Configurable date and time format options



Mark wrote:


So all 'hovered' dates have the month text. And when we're in the same year as the date to display, we use text as well.

I have added a new date preference, DD.MM.YYYY.


This is really great. Thanks a lot!




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On Tue, Jun 26, 2018 at 2:14 PM, Duane <txpigeon@...> wrote:
The hover When date on all my Calendar events has changed to the new format DD.MM.YYYY though I have MM/DD/YYYY selected.  The YYYY-MM-DD option works fine.

Whoops. Fixed.


moderated Re: Configurable date and time format options


The hover When date on all my Calendar events has changed to the new format DD.MM.YYYY though I have MM/DD/YYYY selected.  The YYYY-MM-DD option works fine.


moderated Re: Problem with the way sends group messages

Laurence Taylor

Chris V <> wrote:


It sounds like you're looking for a forum type system, strictly (or
mostly) web based. We're probably not the right solution for you.
You may well be right, a forum but one you can post to via emails. An
option to send emails in the form of the digest option (which does
not have user email addresses) would be marvellous.
Chris, the digest does have email addresses, as you can see (I take the
digest). You can still send emails to a list from whihc you take the
digest, I'm doing this now.

I agree with Mark, I think an email reflector is not what you want, as
they all work in pretty much the same way. (Yahoo did provide the
facility to relay messages without the sender's address, but such
"anonymous" senders could not post by email.)

Alternatively, people who do not wish to publicise their usual email
address can simply create a new one for group messages - this is by no
means uncommon.


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