locked Certificate errors?


Hi All,

I received a report of someone experiencing a certificate error when accessing the website. I renewed our certificate several weeks ago, and my guess is that somehow their browser is still seeing the old certificate. But I have no idea why this would happen. Please let me know if you or any of your members experience this. 


locked Transfer of groups and Subgroups

Sharon Villines

1. When a list is transferred do the members still appear on the old list after transfer of the list? I’m thinking if they stay I can set an automatic reply to new messages to send them to the new list address. When need for these messages stops, I can delete everything from the old list.

2. Do members of subgroups have to first join the main list. (I’m hoping yes).

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locked Re: BUG: Digest in wrong format #bug


ACK! Never mind. I'm suffering from RED FACE SYNDROME. Just realized that the digest was from the old YAHOO version of the group, not

Sigh. Great way to start off Monday. Sigh.

But, it I stick by the DRAFT DISCARD problem I found while trying to report this NON-problem. :-)

locked search for messages with attachments #suggestion


I'm starting to go through old posts to remove obsolete posts with attachments, to save on storage. (I don't plan on upgrading this group in the near future, since it is an all-volunteer undertaking.) In the process, I realized that a feature allowing you to search just for messages with attachments would come in handy in this and possibly other situations.

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locked Re: Applying names to members in the main group- carryover to subgroups.

Mike Fay <mikefay8888@...>

We are a travel group, and the subgroups are archives from each past trip.  Members of the main group are all part of one or more

subgroups- only the ones for a trip they were involved in. If a member is thinking of someone from a particular trip and wants to get a hold of them,

they can go to the subgroup for that trip and find the person they are thinking of by pics in that subgroup and a database table. But having the names

on the members profile makes it much easier to make sure they are getting to them through a current e-mail address.

locked BUG: Digest in wrong format #bug


I usually have two memberships to groups I own, my main membership for posting and reading individual messages and a DIGEST membership set to receive plain-text digests which I can save and archive offline.

This morning's digest from one group (the other groups have been quiet, so they didn't send out digests) arrived as a FULL FEATURED (RICH FORMAT) digest, whereas all other digests previously have been plain text. Could this have been caused by this recent change:

BUGFIX: Digest messages were missing the standard compliment of list headers.
? I checked my DIGEST subscription to that group (hpseries80) and it's still set to PLAIN TEXT DIGEST.

locked DRAFTS - Discard button


I was just coming here (first time in a long while to the web page) and noticed I had a DRAFT that I'd started and abandoned unfinished. I clicked on DRAFTS, click on the message's subject link, saw what it was and clicked on the DISCARD button in that view. It took me back to the DRAFTS screen which still showed the draft message. I clicked the checkbox in front of the message, then clicked on the DISCARD button there, and this time it disappeared.

locked Re: Applying names to members in the main group- carryover to subgroups.

Sharon Villines

Thank you for all the replies and information on transferring lists.

How do you do subgroups? And what is the advantage?

Sharon Villines, Washington, DC

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locked Re: Applying names to members in the main group- carryover to subgroups.


I was under the impression that members need to select their profile/display name not owners for them... What am I missing?


locked Applying names to members in the main group- carryover to subgroups.

Mike Fay <mikefay8888@...>

We recently transferred a dozen or so yahoo groups to one main .io group, and then also to a dozen sub-groups corresponding to the original 

yahoo groups. I've been spending some times applying names to all the members- through the members tab under admin on the main group.

I was surprised to find that the names I applied did not carryover to the subscriber when you view the members list in any sub-group that they are a part of.

That seems strange to me but maybe it is intentional, or maybe it is a bug. Assuming it is intentional, do any of the rest of you who use subgroups have

any reason why you would not want subscribers names applied to an e-mail address in the main group to also carry over to any subgroups of which that

subscriber is a part ?

locked Re: Status update request (1) Multiple profiles; (2) Anonymous groups


Hi Jennifer,

Apologies for the delay in the reply. I've been super heads down on getting the enterprise stuff done (i.e. being able to use your own domain for your group). I hope to have that limping along this week. Some version of multiple profiles will happen after that, in limited form. Then I'll look at anonymous groups. So, September still, hopefully, but not early.


On Fri, Aug 19, 2016 at 1:22 PM, Jennifer Christian <jhchristian@...> wrote:

Hi, all -

Has there been any substantial development progress made or a revised forecast for availability of these two items: 

(1) Multiple profiles, so users can vary the facts they reveal about them to groups focused on various topics

(2) Anonymous groups?

Again, my understanding of the anonymous groups are that:

  • At the time of group set-up, owner selects an option to keep all members identities' private when the group is set up --it is NOT at the member's option.
  • No direct reply member to member is possible -- ALL replies go to the group as a whole (or to the moderators/owners).  
  • There is substitution or masking of members' entire email address in the "sent" field, message header, etc. 
  • The moderators will be responsible for assuring there is no ID data in the message text itself.

Mark had originally predicted that this functionality would be ready for testing in early September.  Wondering whether it has gotten onto a back burner given all the other development work in the interim.  Our own projects in this arena are on a back burner, waiting.


Jennifer Christian

locked posterid searches



I noticed this, from a site change log a few weeks ago:

  • CHANGE: For posterid searches, remove Relevance/Collapse Threads options"

I'm having trouble this morning with posterid searches and wonder if that change has anything to do with it. Search is now returning many posts not by the posterid, and I don't recall this ever happening before. It is also returning threads that (presumably) also contain posts by the posterid (but also, some single messages that simply are not by the posterid). 

Furthermore, if I do a search using posterid:J_catlady in my group, I get back a much larger number of results than when I do a search on "all posts by this member" (which uses the posterid # as opposed to handle). The latter ("all posts by this member") is the correct number, and only messages by me are returned.

I'm bringing this up here rather than as a bug report to support because I think there may be a problem with the intended implementation. I don't think a search on posterid should return threads at all - just messages. (Others may disagree.) But either way, something seems not right here.



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locked Re: Change presentation for Subgroups #suggestion

Nightowl >8#


I think it's a good idea to define a specific group's subgroup. Not all of them are for posting though, so we'd have to be able to have a field or something to describe each individual one.

For example, my subgroups in both groups are simply the message archive from the equivalent group in Yahoo. So they are there solely for getting information, not for posting.

So if we can say, create our own description for the subgroup rather than have something like a drop-down box with selections, I think it would work out fine.


locked Site updates #changelog


Most of this week was spent working on internal changes to support domains (aka the Enterprise version). Changes to live site this week:

  • BUGFIX: Edit link on mobile in pending message screen didn't work.
  • BUGFIX: Only process an invite if it's in the sent state (ie. not in accepted state).
  • BUGFIX: Digest messages were missing the standard compliment of list headers.
  • CHANGE: Changed the wording of the email that is sent on spam unsubscribe (FBL) to make it more clear.
  • BUGFIX: Fix rare commit/locking issue in join group flow.
  • BUGFIX: Display Members link in sidebar outside of the Admin dropdown for non owners/mods when appropriate.
  • NEW: In single message view, if you are not logged in or are not a member of the join, display a small blurb at the bottom of the page with a join link.
  • NEW: Check for some invalid file types when uploading a file of email addresses for invites/direct adds.

Have a good weekend, everybody!


locked Re: Yahoo delays


On Thu, Aug 25, 2016 at 11:37 PM, Shal Farley <shals2nd@...> wrote:

> But I have just turned on FBL processing again for the,
> and domains (in addition to the already resumed

Don't forget Yahoo Mail's other domains: and

Ah, thanks. Added.

(Been quiet on beta@ because I've been heads down trying to finish up enterprise stuff. Should be popping my head up again shortly.)


locked Subjects view

Benoît Dumeaux <dread_axefr@...>

Possibility to have a view with only the subject and not the start of message, the contrary of "Expanded View".

locked Re: Transfer of Large List


On Thu, Aug 25, 2016 at 07:55 am, Sharon Villines wrote:

Is IO ready for transferring a new list. We have 3,000 members and a few
hundred messages a month.
It's OK if attachments are disabled (stripped). Otherwise you'll exhaust free storage limit 1 GB (I assume for attachments, files and photos combined) soon.
No limits of message archive.

locked Re: sort orders



I like that messages are sorted Newest to Oldest by default. How can I
set Photo Albums, and Databases entries to the same--Newest to Oldest?
I had thought that the site would remember your choice as you navigate about - even logout and in - so that you would only have to set it once. But it doesn't seem to be that way.

Hopefully this can be taken as a suggestion.


locked Re: Yahoo delays



But I have just turned on FBL processing again for the, and domains (in addition to the already resumed
Don't forget Yahoo Mail's other domains: and


locked Re: Transfer of Large List

Bob Bellizzi

We transferred about 2800 valid members and over 150,000 messages perfectly using easy transfer.

Mark Fletcher Rocks!

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