locked Re: Possible bug with "I always want copies of my own messages"? #bug


PS: if you unclick always want then the situation is worse:

- you don't get a copy in your inbox at all if you've sent an email to groups.io via email (but it's in your sent folder)

- you do get a copy of your own email if you sent it via web

And if you switch to conversations view ON it doesn't fix it by bringing the ones in sent over to your inbox...they stay in sent

That's obviously a GMAIL issue as Shal explained and as I've now read a lot about on google forums ( happens with Y! and there is no workaround there) - and even though the duplicate isn't ideal when you select "always send"- its only for your own messages when sent via email and at least it fixes whatever GMAIL thinks it's doing by not showing you messages you have sent in your inbox. I'd rather two than none at the end of the day if there is no solution...


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