locked Re: New search options


Thanks Mark,

Cool - the search with thread worked great now.

Ah, I understand now why there isn't a "search" button - that's tricky.. Maybe people will get used to clicking "search within thread" before entering their search term so the cursor stays in the field. Haven't tried yet on mobile.

I'm still not seeing how threads collapse - but this is me, I'm sure. I'm a bit exhausted today and I am using the term "slack" maybe i should try something else...? Maybe when others test they can share a term they used in which they then were able to collapse the threads. When i search "slack" then click "collapse threads" nothing happens and maybe that's exactly the way it should be.

Re: the duplicate search "i'm a novice". It's not a big deal and now that I understand why it's there, even less of an issue.


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