locked Re: RSVPs


>What I mean is that if you have your account switched to the new desktop version ( which looks like the new mobile version) you can actually experience it all now on desktop. No need for your smartphone. 

Ahh, right, sorry. I understand now. And that will become the norm when Mark rolls it out at some point, presumably.

>While you can't make a selective invite at the moment - one way to deal with that is to make  sub-group? Then you can set up an event calendar just for people in that sub-group.

Ye-es, but there might be occasions when the invitees would vary and I wouldn’t want to set up a lot of separate sub-groups for such occasional use. However this is all hypothetical at the moment so perhaps not that important at this stage.

>I disagree about the "add event" button being renamed "send" because you really are "adding" an event to the calendar and the fact that it also has options to send an invite and reminders etc - is secondary to me.

I see your point but to me – at this early stage of getting accustomed to it – it suggested to me that I could add another event rather than it mean I complete this one. But now knowing what it means I’m sure I will get used to it.


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