locked Re: New search options


On Tue, Jul 12, 2016 at 1:30 PM, HR Tech via Groups.io <m.conway11@...> wrote:

This is very cool and will be super useful I am sure.

Just quickly a couple of weird things I am seeing:

1- When you enter your search term and then click "search" only in this thread - and then press return (or go on mobile) nothing happens because you've moved your cursor out of the search term box.  So - maybe we need a "search" button to activate the search next to the "close" button

Hmm, I'll have to think about that. The reason there isn't a Search button right now is because of the two search fields (which would it submit?).

2- After i selected search only this thread it didn't do that - it sent me back to messages

Oops. Think it's fixed now.

3- I am not seeing how it collapses threads... i'll continue testing.

Collapsed threads will only return thread results, there are no individual message results.

4- If I search the term "slack" I still see my "I'm a novice with slack... " post 2 x

The first result is a match on the thread subject, so returns a thread match. The second result is a match on the message body, and is a message match. They look like duplicates because the thread match displays a message summary of the first message in the thread, which happens to be the same as your second match.

Not sure what the best solution to this is.


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