locked Re: Possible bug with "I always want copies of my own messages"? #bug



On Tue, Jul 12, 2016 at 07:15 am, HR Tech wrote:

Maybe I am doing something wrong, or didn't follow this thread close enough

First, thanks for looking into this. You're not doing anything wrong. The behavior you're getting is what's supposed to happen. You're not getting the bug. What's been happening to me in my test and admin groups (until, oddly, this morning), and to Brian, is duplicate messages in our inboxes when posting via email.

As I said, after doing this for (at least 6?) months, it has suddenly stopped this morning. I'd given up on anything ever being done about it, after reporting it about six months ago, figuring it was just something odd about my admin group. The group was set up around the time the feature was being implemented, as I recall, and I wrote it off to that, until yesterday upon seeing Brian's post. It has me intrigued now, and although I don't have the slightest chance of being able to figure it out, not being privy to dMarc and all the other arcane details of email, I would like to at least figure out the circumstances under which it occurs, if I can. It has been a real annoyance to me in my admin group but I'd managed to reconcile myself to it, up until now. 

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