locked Reminder for "Following Only" Digest/Email Recipients that there are more/new topics?


I was looking at one of my test accounts; one that is set to receive digests of only topics that are specifically being followed, and I was wondering if there is any way to automatically remind recipients of digests and emails who haveĀ  the "only following" setting that there are more/new topics to pick from within the message archive?

This ties in to my concerns about the "following only" option and the description in the advanced preferences area (https://groups.io/g/beta/thread/2069633#9060) but tackles it from another angle.

If someone sets their advance preferences in a way that they didn't intend to, or if they forget they were set to "following" only, it would be great for the digest to automatically remind them that they are set for "following only" and that they can visit the web archive to see/follow all/other new topics. It took me a few minutes to realize why I hadn't gotten a digest in that test email account in a few days and then when i found the last one, it only had one post, and then i remembered I was using it to test this feature.

Even if people had intentionally set themselves to "following" only, I think it would be a nice idea to remind folks that there are more topics to follow. Seeing a digest with only a few posts could give an impression that a group isn't active (when it actually is). Maybe you've forgotten about your settings and haven't visited the web interface for a while... I am concerned that this could give a false perception which in turn could affect group participation.

Currently the Digest says: "This is a digest for xxxx @ groups.io. Change Your Subscription"

Maybe if the digest is for someone who is "following only" or similar, it could say:

"This is a digest for xxx @groups.io. There are xxx new topics in your group. Follow New Threads and Hashtags, Change Your Subscription"

(where "follow new threads/hashtags" would link to "all messages" and "new" refers to in past 24 hours")


"This is a digest for topics/hashtags you are following on xxx @ groups.io. Change Your Subscription, Follow New Threads."

or in an individual email:

"You are following this thread/hashtag on xxx @ groups.io. Change Your Subscription, Follow New Threads and Hashtags."

Or maybe there can be a section at the bottom of the messages followed - but before the footer - that lists linkified titles only of all new topics in the past 24 hours. A "More recent topics: Please click here to follow them" section that brings you to the "all messages" section where you can read and/or start to follow them.


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