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Thanks. I used to assume that it was the sent message plus the incoming message, but I eventually rejected that idea. I've seen the behavior you describe in other mailing lists I'm on and it's completely different. In what you describe, the 'sent' message simply appears within the message thread. It does not conspicuously arrive, on its own, into the inbox as it does here; gmail doesn't announce that there's a new message, as it does here; and gmail does not add 1 to the thread counter, as it does here. So I'm perplexed. You might still be right. As I said, I am very ignorant when it comes to the workings of email. But this walks like a duck (incoming message) and that's what I have to call it. Plus, it only appears when the box is checked, so the duplicate seems to be an arid act of the Grouis.io workaround.

There are now three people whom I personally know of who have experienced this - me, Brian, and the one group member of mine who complained. Wondering if there are others?

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On Jul 12, 2016, at 2:05 AM, Laurence Taylor <g7mzh@gmx.co.uk> wrote:

You don't _receive_ duplicate messages when posting from Gmail; one is the
message you sent, and in most mail reders would be in the "sent" folder.
Gmail puts these in with the incoming emails. The duplicate is the one
received via the reflector (if you select that option).

If you read your mail offline with an email client on your PC, none of this
applies and Gmail behaves the same as any other provider.

Perhaps there is a case for Groups.io to issue a new message ID for every
post and forget about the option.



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