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Hi All,

I appreciate both sides of this debate. Here's my rambling take. Back in January, with my Early 2016 Roadmap post (see https://groups.io/g/beta/message/4759) I had an item about whether beta@ should be renamed. I also anticipated that Groups.io would come out of beta 'soon'. Neither has happened yet. :-) Which kinda illustrates my attitude towards web site betas in general: they're much more 'squishy' than standard software betas. When Groups.io comes out of beta, very little will actually change in terms of my process. Bug fixes will always be top priority (it's what I've spent most of today working on, for example). But otherwise it'll be new features and improvements to existing things.

I don't always follow my published list of development priorities exactly, but I think I'm pretty good at that.

I always want to hear ideas for new features. And to quote myself from my mid-year update (see https://groups.io/g/beta/message/8656): I have said in the past that I was wary (Shal!) of adding new settings because I feared the site was getting too complicated. I've had a little bit of a change of heart with that. I want Groups.io to be the best and I understand part of that is being able to customize it for each individual group/circumstance.


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A subgroup of beta, or even better, a feature suggestions and requests group, would serve that function much better while "purifying" the beta group to an extent back to a focus that's more typical.

I had the same idea just a little while ago.  

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