locked Update on IO Progress

Nightowl >8#

Hey all,

Just want to update a few things I had started and haven't finished in regard to this site.

First, I've finally read every message, but only replied to a few. Some others need a more detailed reply that requires my being able to think harder, so I am trying to respond to those tomorrow...(knock on wood). So I'm not ignoring anyone who posted in response to any of mine, I'm just not quite caught up.

Second, I have not had a chance to invite a lot of people over here yet, but I am still working on that. I've started rebuilding my team, (still some to get over here yet), and they are helping me with research and explanation. That is important for us to be able to relay the right info to the people who want to know what is available in Groups.io.

Last, I have not done a lot of publicizing of the site yet, for the same reason I have not been able to answer all replies. But I intend to spread the word about it, and still intend to talk to some of my media contacts and see if we can get Mark more publicity.

I want to end this post by saying that I am no less dedicated to the Yahoo Crusade issue and Groups issues, and that the Crusade isn't just to get Yahoo to change, it's more about Fight, Fix or Flee. Fighting Yahoo has about lost. Fixing Groups, well, they don't seem to be listening to us anymore.

That leaves "flee Yahoo" and this is looking like just the place to do that.  If you want to know more about the crusade and it's three parts, check out our group:


And if anyone wants my attention about anything and I don't appear to be actively posting, go here for my status:


Or you can post here or E-mail me directly with "Hey Owl, or Attention Owl" in the subject.

I won't post this info in Beta again unless someone directly asks me. But I want you to know that my absence of posting in here does not mean I'm not still as dedicated as ever to find our groups a new home, because I am.



Nightowl >8#

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