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Brian Vogel <britechguy@...>

This message is going to serve as my test posting via Gmail, but it is a response and it has a purpose.  I'm tying two threads together for me, but I'll keep the topic to what's been discussed here.

Maria makes a very accurate characterization of a number of the posts here in beta, "Maybe we are more meta than beta :)," and notes that the beta charter includes, "Have an idea for a feature? Join the Beta group...."   There's nothing wrong with the former, per se, but I do think there's something wrong with the latter (even though Mark put it there).  Meta blue-skying, which is what I'm seeing an awful lot of in the beta group, really doesn't match what those of us who are, or have been, in "the development biz" would ever expect in a beta environment, discussion or otherwise.

A subgroup of beta, or even better, a feature suggestions and requests group, would serve that function much better while "purifying" the beta group to an extent back to a focus that's more typical.

Here's another example of where grafting on something that's quite atypical, feature requests, to a beta group, which carries very strong overtones of testing and working through upcoming releases, including whatever might be being added out of a feature request group, is far more typical.  They usually focus on what's actually under development, prior to and sometimes also just after initial release to the user community.

I think, perhaps, that's part of the reason I am reacting as strongly as I am to some of what's getting and has gotten posted here.  It just doesn't "fit" the usual purpose of beta/beta testing groups/discussion forums for a product, any product.


A lot of what appears to be progress is just so much technological rococo.  ~ Bill Gray

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