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If that's what the beta group description says, then my bad. I was actually just about to go look it up. It's not my understanding (having worked as a senior software engineer/designer for 15+ years, before quitting the rat race to become a musician) - it's not my understanding of what beta is. Also, as part of many development teams I would, of course, fight efforts to pull new features out of us when the first release of the product was not even baked yet.

Despite that, I still feel as a matter of principle that 'keep it simple stupid' is a really good motto, beta or otherwise.

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I hear your concerns. Obviously, bug resolution is always a bigger priority than ideas for new features.

That said, the invitation to join @beta states: "Help Us Improve Groups.io. Have an idea for a feature? Join the Beta group..."

When one is actively testing and using the platform is when one is most likely to encounter issues that need fixing, as well as ideas that may (or may not) be helpful ones to share. There are many ideas on the Trello list. Who knows which ones will take effect and which won't - but I think it's cool people have shared them.

As for the bookmark idea: It's an idea for a feature (one I've seen on other platforms) and as far as I know @beta is an appropriate place to share that.



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