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I'd like to "Like" this twice. I don't know what's going on here. The product is not even out of beta yet and feature after new feature is being proposed - chat rooms? bookmarks? and ad infinitum.

There are still bugs, there are still major issues to settle with the existing functionality, let alone adding new things (fig leaf, reply mixups, and one other, can't remember right now what it is).

When I state wishlist items, they are asking for minor enhancements or improvements to existing features, not suggestions for new room additions. I think some of the creativity shown here is boundless and admirable but my feeling is agreement with you that much of it is inappropriate - for now, at least, and also into the future. I love streamlined products that work very well and predictably. Not ones that throw in the kitchen sink (to mix metaphors) and crawling with bugs and "issues."

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