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It may not be the only or primary reason. But if implemented, 'send to me' does negate the argument in defense of the fig leaf that emails are 'temporary' (the word you used rather than 'fleeting'), whereas the archives are permanent. That was my only point. There may be plenty of other reasons you or other groups would not want the feature. 

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That was what I'd predicted. Groups concerned about the fig leaf would want to bypass this. 

That would not be the only or primary concern for our group when it comes to this feature request (I imagine limits would be placed to ensure you can't really harvest emails).

There are other potentially more serious reasons why this simply wouldn't work for our group. Without getting in to specifics they have to do with ownership and usage, as well as participation term, changing these terms retroactively (without the consent of a large number of authors), and being forced to set new terms that we don't even agree with. Similar to the "forwarding" issue, doesn't work for us.

Again, this feature might be great for other groups. Just not for us.

In our group, if one want's to "save" a past post in order to refer to it one can bookmark it in one's browser.  If you want to reply to it, the web interface facilitates that and lets the person receiving your reply know that you "come from" groups.io. In Y! if the member is no longer in the group, the reply gets circled back to the mods.

Separately, I think I suggested bookmarking within the site in another thread (not following) actually bookmarking so that each member can have a page for his/her bookmarks from the archive and ideally could even organize these in a manner they find useful.



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