locked Re: Possible bug with "I always want copies of my own messages"? #bug



There has been a recent post from an e-mail participant on one of the
groups I frequent that his own e-mail address is not showing up on the
messages he receives that he originated in various threads.
Probably DMARC. If the person uses Yahoo Mail, or certain other email services, Groups.io will modify the From address of their message to be from the groups.io domain, and their email address encoded in the user name part of the address. That is, their From will look like:

From: Display Name < user = example.com @ groups.io >

This is a work-around to the DMARC problem. It's a long story, but the short of it is that DMARC is an anti-spoofing technology that causes their customer's messages, if passed through an email list, to be dropped or quarantined on receipt.

Groups.io detects when the sender's email service is using that technology, and modifies the From field so that the message is no longer a "spoof", and this makes the message much more likely to be delivered to users of email services that detect DMARC usage on the receiving side.

I, and most others, seem to get something that notes that our own
messages are from ourselves "via groups.io".
That's a way that some email services let you know that the message came via a list, rather than directly from the sender.

I changed my subscription to "All Messages" and turned the "always want"
setting on, and I get an e-mail message with what I post here via the
web interface. However, if I turn the "always want" feature off, but
with "All Messages" on, I see absolutely no change in what comes to my
inbox at all.
The "always want" feature is a work-around for Gmail's default behavior with list messages.

Gmail, and certain other email services, use the Message-ID field in a message to detect when a received message is one you've sent; and then it hides the received message from you. I think that those messages may be findable in the "All Mail" folder in Gmail, but I'm not certain of that.

The "always want" feature causes Groups.io to replace the message's Message-ID field with one generated by groups.io. When that is done Gmail no longer recognizes the message as being something you already have, and so it lands in your Inbox.


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