locked Re: Why can't we forward messages?



I remember that Yahoo used to let members forward messages to someone
outside a group -- and then that option disappeared. Is there some
kind of convention against forwarding on list-servs?
That option disappeared when Yahoo found that spammers were abusing it. They could post a spam message in their own group - or any loosely moderated group - and then use a program to feed their entire mailing list through the Forward feature, one addressee at a time.
(As told by Gordon Strause, then Y!Groups Product Manager. Yahoo Groups was at that time facing a lot of issues due to programs written to exploit its features. A lot of features disappeared or became severely restricted because of that.)

So forwarding is actually fine in some of my groups. It inconveniences
us that Groups.io has no forwarding option -- since we often want to do
In groups with public archives that is often the attitude, though it would probably be advisable to make sure that all of the members understand the policy.

Back at the time the Forwarding feature was removed from Y!Groups I suggested the "Send To Me" feature as a suitable replacement (because it would be useless for sending spam to other people's address). But that was never implemented.

At a minimum, allowing moderators to forward would be particularly
useful, particularly those of us who are control freaks and moderate
everything. Tonight I intercepted a personal email that had by mistake
been sent to one of my groups. When that happens, I send it along to
the intended recipient with a cc to the sender -- and the subject line
"Intercepted personal message". [This is part of my Humiliation
Prevention Service.]
It is probably best to simply reject the message back to the sender with an explanation. I would feel uncomfortable revealing to the intended recipient that a third party (me) had seen the information. Unless I knew the parties relatively well.


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