locked Possible bug with "I always want copies of my own messages"? #bug

Brian Vogel <britechguy@...>

Hello All,

           As is well-known in these parts, I don't generally interact with Groups.io via e-mail, but I have on occasion turned on the various subscription options trying to test things out for myself or someone else.  There has been a recent post from an e-mail participant on one of the groups I frequent that his own e-mail address is not showing up on the messages he receives that he originated in various threads.  I, and most others, seem to get something that notes that our own messages are from ourselves "via groups.io".

           I thought this might be somehow related to the feature mentioned in the subject of this message that can be found on any member's profile at this page:  https://groups.io/editprofile?page=profile.  I changed my subscription to "All Messages" and turned the "always want" setting on, and I get an e-mail message with what I post here via the web interface.  However, if I turn the "always want" feature off, but with "All Messages" on, I see absolutely no change in what comes to my inbox at all.

           Is the "always want" feature somehow linked to digests, but has no effect on individual messages coming via e-mail?  I had suspected, prior to this undertaking, that I might get nothing in my inbox for my own posts when "always want" and "All Messages" was set on, but I do.

           I'm now at a bit of a loss as to what the "always want" feature is all about.  It seems to have no effect at all, but that could be because it only means anything when your subscription is not "All Messages".  What's up here?

A lot of what appears to be progress is just so much technological rococo.  ~ Bill Gray

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