locked Why can't we forward messages?

Jennifer Christian

I remember that Yahoo used to let members forward messages to someone outside a group --  and then that option disappeared.   Is there some kind of convention against forwarding on list-servs?

I realize that some groups want to keep all conversation inside.  But two of my professional groups are filled with people I'm hoping will serve as propagators of ideas to others.  Some members tell me they routinely share important  (educational, newsworthy) messages with their co-workers and colleagues.  So forwarding is actually fine in some of my groups. It inconveniences us that Groups.io  has no forwarding option -- since we often want to do so. 

At a minimum, allowing moderators to forward would be particularly useful, particularly those of us who are control freaks and moderate everything.  Tonight I intercepted a personal email that had by mistake been sent to one of my groups.   When that happens, I send it along to the intended recipient with a cc to the sender -- and the subject line "Intercepted personal message".  [This is part of my Humiliation Prevention Service.]   Because forwarding is not possible,  I had to swoop, copy and paste it into a new email and in so doing the formatting got all screwed up.


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