locked Re: search within message view returns threads #bug?



On Sun, Jul 10, 2016 at 02:52 pm, Shal Farley wrote:

in the case of a thread where only the subject had a match I would not want that result to disappear from Messages View

I can definitely see why this would seem desirable at first glance. But imagine a 100-message long thread with a title match but no message matches within it. You'd have all 100 messages appearing.  In a foods group with a thread entitled, "What's your favorite fruit? Mine is kumquats," and 100 responses all of which have to do only with other fruits (no kumquats), I think a search that returns all of those 100 messages if someone in the group searches on "kumquats" is a bad search.

I see why, if you want to include messages with a title match in the message-view search, you'd include just the threads themselves there, as Mark is now doing, rather than all 100 (essentially unmatching) messages.

I would still prefer that those threads to show up only in threads view, along with all of the other threads displayed. I think that would seem logical and reasonable. But I can see an argument for both sides.


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