locked Send To Me (a candidate for the More menu) #suggestion


In #9828 David wrote:

As a moderator of groups, I seldom have the need to download all the
messages. It's more often that I need to download a small group of
messages: for example, messages that I missed for one reason or another.

For the specific purpose of catching one or a few missed messages I'd like to have a "Send To Me" option on messages in the Messages archive. This would send the message to me as an individual message, exactly as it would have had my subscription been set to Individual and I had not muted that thread (or a hashtag) when the message was first posted. That is, the email to send is neither a reply nor a forward, it is the original message.

The More menu seems a fine place for this.

The idea is that you might find (in a Digest or on site) a message that you don't have in your email, but you want to save it. Or perhaps you want to reply to it but prefer to compose your reply in email rather than on site.

It would also be useful in cases where a message was dropped or bounced by your email service, or where you inadvertently deleted it and can't now undelete it.


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