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Judy F.

Thanks Shal, that is really a great feature. I think your suggestion to check the first and last would be a good idea. I checked the edited and couldn't get the comparison to come up.

I like it. Not sure if our groups would ever use it, but it's a great feature.

I can't remember if this a turn on or off feature that the owner/mod can do. That might be helpful in our buying selling group.

Judy F.
SW Florida - USA

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> I am having a concern with edited messages. I have gotten two in my > inbox (Outlook) and unless I sit here and compare it word for word, I > don’t know what was edited.
> ...
> What am I missing here?

If you use the "View this message" link in the footer to go to the web, you can click the "Edited" button to see a list of the revisions. Check mark two versions then click the Compare Revisions button to see what changed.


Since Compare Revisions is the only action available with the Revisions list, perhaps having the first and last revisions checked by default would be handy.

-- Shal

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