locked Re: Preventing Reply to Group/Sender mixups



Here you go. See attached. I hope I translated your proposal accurately.
Thanks! Looks great. The only thing missing (I belatedly realize) is an mockup of the initial page, prior to the user clicking one of the three choices, with the original message showing but no composition tools yet. In that image only the More menu would be open, showing the location of the other two choices.

I see a problem using the member's profile instead of the word "sender"
(length varies/ there could be multiple "marias" - just hard to create a
fixed width button if the content is variable ...
I get both of those concerns, but it seemed to me that in the usual case the added clarity of naming the replyee (now my favorite non-word) may outweigh the occasional awkwardness. Perhaps the button can be fixed at a generous width, with longer names truncated as necessary.

- and think that it would be sufficient to have some explanatory text
under saying that your reply will go from "your email @ domain" to the
I think that's a great feature in your mockup, but I think I'd do both.

Also I'd prefer if reply language were consistent on web/digest and emails.
I'll have to go look at that, but perhaps the link can say the same thing.

I also am a bit concerned about these drop up menus on mobile...but who
Yeah, I'm not as versed in mobile. I started with much the same idea, but using radio buttons in the compose window rather than the More menu. In this case I was trying for something that would meet the "Select who first" model and the More menu made a lot more sense to me than putting the radio buttons in the bar beneath each message.

Any way, here is your proposal translated visually. I hope that's helpful.
Yes! And again, thank you very much.


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