locked Re: Preventing Reply to Group/Sender mixups


On Tue, Jul 5, 2016 at 06:08 am, J_catlady wrote:
Full confession: I didn't read through Shal's entire proposal, and I didn't read this entire mockup, because I see right away that the user - again, as now - must first click on "reply" before making their choice of addressee/recipient. 

That's fixable in Shal's proposal, if instead of "reply" it says  arrow+"reply to group" (if that's the default. Vice versa if default is to sender) and then you would have the reply to sender option (or vice versa if default is sender) in the "more" menu.

That would make you decide before the composition window opens who you are writing to (although you could change your mind midway).

Same as in the 2nd mock-up shared previously, and in the 1st one the choice was more flexible as to the when you decide if you want to bypass the group default, but it was either one or the other - not both choices there equally, and you could change your mind midway.

As a side thought and it probably belongs in the thread about PM's, but it's been touched upon here: I think there are subtleties worth being mindful of with regards to private messages/PM's. A PM can come out of the blue (uninvited) and unrelated to a thread, whereas a private reply / reply to sender is a "Reply" - a response to a specific thread and conversation one has opened themselves up to via participation.

I am on one group ( a custom made email group/forum platform) where part of one's profile includes a checkbox which you unclick if you want to opt out of PM's. I'd imagine giving folks the option to opt out of that isn't a bad idea, but it probably should not interfere with receiving "replies" to one's posts or comments in threads.


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