locked Re: Feedback on New Mobile Test Version



Note: Contrary to the thread tags, I'm looking at this on desktop. Probably the same applies to mobile.

- There's a paperclip button in the editor toolbar now to add attachments.
- I've removed the 'Insert Quoted Message' button and replaced it with a
button in the editor toolbar.
I think these changes would be welcome also in the Markdown and Plain Text modes, even though those modes don't have any other tools in the toolbar. They feel out of place to me as buttons next to Send, Preview, and Discard.

- I've changed the spacing/ordering of the Reply/Like/More buttons.
It is a bit startling if you click the Reply button after beginning your composition: the composition boxes and buttons hide away. I guess that button is acting like a toggle for the reply mode. Fortunately the text you've entered stays there if you click it again to bring the reply UI back out.

Also fortunately, if you do happen to roll up an unsent reply and move on that nascent reply eventually becomes another draft.

That said, I think it might be more friendly to have the Reply link disabled once you've begun a reply, and have Send or Discard be the only ways close the reply mode.


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