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And I'm agreeing but simply adding that there's good reason for the convention.:-)

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On Mon, Jul 4, 2016 at 09:26 am, Duane wrote:
So how did those practices become "standard?

 Completely irrelevant to the fact that they are "standard."   I'm not attempting to give a history lesson, but to point out that there are certain deeply ingrained conventions that really do not require reinvention, at all, because:

1.  They are incredibly widely known.

2.  They are used by most without conscious thought at this point.

3.  They do the required job beautifully.

As to Maria's assertions about Google Groups, here's a screen shot taken mere seconds ago.  It says all that needs to be said:


The options given when you hit the "Post Reply" button are Post and Discard.  The act of choosing to reply strictly limits what the nature of that interaction is.  I used Google Groups for a number of years, have been away for quite a while, and what pops up when I dropped in today is pretty consistent with what was there when last I haunted those environs.

I did not claim that absolutely, positively no one else uses what Groups.io is using now, but they are, indeed outliers.

Craigslist is not a web forum in any conventional sense of the word.  Google Groups proves my point, and we already know what Yahoo Groups does.

I'm also, like on the last thread, now out on this one.  For those who want to reinvent a wheel that definitely does not need it, knock yourselves out making your case.  Mine is based on convention, ingrained, well-known and widely employed practice, and complete utility for purpose in the environment under discussion.  There's nothing else I can say nor any stronger case I could make.


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