locked Re: Preventing Reply to Group/Sender mixups


Whenever I send a response to someone offlist, I make sure that they know it by starting off every such message with, "This is private (offlist) response."

As a side benefit to a UI that has "choose recipient first, compose second," a private message could automatically start with that header or something like it. Because another problem I've seen is that when people receive an offlist response, they VERY OFTEN don't realize that it's offlist. That includes myself. Gmail still groups the response into the message thread, even if offlist, and I sometimes FREAK OUT when I see what someone has "posted," until I realize they haven't really posted it but actually sent it to me privately. Sometimes, I'll even go the group to try to respond via the web and it takes me some time before I realize their message is not there

So I see a potential huge advantage in the proposed change.

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