locked Re: Preventing Reply to Group/Sender mixups


On Sat, Jul 2, 2016 at 05:48 am, AQ wrote:
I think it needs to be up to the group whether is a choice for the sender
or the choice of the group owner where replies are sent. In some groups,
it is important for messages to go only to the sender, while in others private
messages would be unwelcome. In other groups, it can be up to the sender
to decide with no group preference indicated or required.

This is already available in group settings. Mark recently also added an option to have groups set to send replies ONLY to group or ONLY to sender, rather than offer both options.

Or are you suggesting that members should be able to by pass group settings and opt out of private replies? I've seen one interface where that's an option.

However, the feedback request here is related to a suggestion that was made to change the web interface so that it would require the author to make the decision of who the reply is going to ( in groups that have the option of reply to group and sender) before being able to compose the reply and then click a send button when the reply is written.

Currently, we have 2 reply buttonsĀ  ("reply to group" reply to sender") and the selection of who to send your post to can be made essentially during the "send" step after you've written your reply on the web interface.

The suggestion to require a choice a priori was suggested as a way to try to prevent mix-ups in who you may accidentally send your message to - when you have both choices available.

This thread is to get feedback about that and other ideas to prevent mix-ups in reply behavior where both reply to group and reply to sender are available.


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