locked Re: Preventing Reply to Group/Sender mixups


I'd be curious to see how much of an issue this is when the new green/blue buttons roll out.

While It's not the way one goes about composing an email, when I am on the web interface, I am thinking more "forum" than "email". In forums you generally compose and then click send. Groups.io has the added benefit of being able to reply privately, and doesn't make you jump hoops to send a PM via a profile link, like many other forums do... So, I wasn't even looking at it from an email behavior POV. When I am on the web interface, I feel I am in a forum not my email client.

I just love that the reply options are the same as the ones in digest and html emails and with the group one being green and with the reply arrow icon, my eye goes there first. I am so comfortable with it and it feels so easy on mobile too that it's hard to see it wit the eyes of someone who has never seen it before.

I will say that I have looked  at the buttons and wondered if maybe they should say "send to group" and "send to sender" as that would be more accurate perhaps,  but "send to sender" sounds weird.


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