locked Re: Preventing Reply to Group/Sender mixups


Hi Mark

I really LOVE the way it is now. I think the green and blue buttons, with"reply to group" or "reply to sender" written on them are simple and self explanatory.

They also mirror what's on the groups.io digest/individual emails as well as Y! digests/individual emails. So the process of replying and selecting who to reply to feels exactly as it does on the digest and individual emails. I love that consistency.

I actually think that the way it is in Groups.io is much clearer than in Y! where the "To" header on the interface is set by default to either group or sender based on the group preferences and in order to bypass the default you have to expand headers and use the drop down menu to select a different recipient. We get people replying accidentally to sender or group with that method ALL the time and I know I've received a lot of feedback that doing it that way (like Y! has it set up) is confusing/tricky.

So, when I saw the way groups.io has it set up I was so relieved that it would be crystal clear.

I love the way you have it now: it feels like the individual emails, it feels like the digests, it feels simple and clear. I've gotten the same feedback from others in our test group I've shown this too and there was relief that finally it would feel simple.

I'm sure whatever you come up with will be simpler and better than Y! but I did want to share that the way it is now feels good to me.


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