locked Re: How does one follow a topic or hashtag?

Nightowl >8#

Mark wrote:>>My initial assumption was that people would interact with their groups through email and through the 'Inbox' view on the Groups.io website, instead of visiting individual group archives.<<

I'm just the opposite. I prefer not to interact in E-mail as little as possible I have always preferred to go to the site and interact in each group directly. I set bookmarks and that's how I do it. I log where I stop on each site, and write message numbers to reply to on a notepad.

I've always collected the messages in E-mail, but I simply stored them on my computer and rarely ever read them there, not until Yahoo made the interface impossible for me to use. NEO caused me nothing but headaches in that respect, because every time I sent a message through mail, it was stored in my sent box, as my preference but I was also set to mail from the group. So I always had to make sure I deleted the right copy of the message.

Another problem was that if I sent the message using the wrong e-mail address it would bounce back, and cause more headaches. I am thrilled that I don't have either problem here because I can use this web interface. So given the choice, I will always choose using each individual Groups' site to interact with.

Mark wrote:>>Basically, if you're set to All Messages, you end up Muting things you don't want. If set to First Message or Replies Only, you end up Following things you do want.<<

I would not need to  mute or need to follow anything. I always read all messages, in chronological order, and would never do otherwise on any group I either created or am a member of.

Mark wrote:>>This all is tremendously confusing, I agree. I believe you're the first person to dig into this stuff (and therefore the first person to review my design....) So, like with everything else, suggestions are appreciated. :)<<

I'm probably the second one then. ;) I am curious about how everything works on groups.io  including hashtags and muting, even though I might not ever use everything. I'm basic and simple and prefer it that way, but I have a lot of people I have to explain things to sometimes.


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