locked Re: Two issues keeping track of off list messages

Jennifer Christian

Earlier today I went to the Beta group site on Groups.io and TRIED to send an off-list message.  I see it now in the message list on the Beta site.  How can I tell whether it went out to everyone or just to the person I intended to send it to?  I don't see a way.  Don't see a field for addressee.

1. If I DID forget to click "Send to Sender" below the message, and it went out to EVERYONE, that explains why it's in the message list.   Although I STARTED creating the message with the intention of an off-list message, I must have forgotten to LOOK for the Send to Sender button when I was done.  Thus it is awful easy to make a mistake.   So having been burnt, I would personally prefer to be prompted to specify whether this is a Reply All or Reply to Sender BEFORE I compose the message.   That's how it works in one list-serv I use.  Select recipient then write.

2. If I DIDN'T forget and my message really did go only to the individual I intended, why is it in the message list?   Which raises the question -- where are the messages I've sent off-list kept?   If I want a record of them, sounds like I need to GENERATE the message in my email system, not online.

A bit abashed,

Jennifer Christian

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