locked Calendar


I wanted to see if the calendar can be further enhanced on the new desktop and mobile version. Maybe others have ideas.

Here areĀ  a few of mine:

1) can an event that repeats monthly be scheduled for the first/second/third/last day within a month? Like the first friday of every month... for example.

2) Can the layout of the calendar be enlarged so it doesn't look squished/cramped on desktop?

3) Can we see the title of each event on a day when there is more than one? Instead of having to click in to get the info

4) when we click on an event can it show the event consolidated (not sure how to describe) but basically, right now it opens up to a page that looks identical to when you create the event and I'd rather I can view it or edit it but not both at the same time. Would rather the event info be more condensed so it looks like a listing rather than a page I can enter info in to.

5) I know this is on the roadmap - but i'll throw it in here as part of the wishlist- can there be an RSVP to the event or to the event when it's sent as an invite?

6) Can events be added to ical/google calendar etc? with a click? Maybe that's already doable.

The calendar is something we plan to use a lot so the more user friendly and visually attractive it is the better.

Thank you!


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