locked Re: New Subscription Options



I would have thought that "No email" would be a message selection
option rather than a delivery option.
Hm... I can see the argument that selecting no messages for delivery is equivalent to selecting not to deliver messages. I put No Email (and Special Notices) in the "Email Delivery" option mostly to keep that option similar to what Yahoo Groups users expect. That might not be a rational choice in the long run.

LOL, if we move that to a Message Selection of "No Messages" (and one of "Special Notices") then we've gone just about full circle back to the existing Subscription page - except using a pair of radio buttons in a separate option to choose between Individual Emails and Daily Digest, instead of a checkbox. Still, if that's all we did I think it is still clearer than the current page.

"Every message in threads or hashtags you are following are emailed
to you" - I wasn't aware that there was an option to follow hashtags,
just to block some.
There isn't (yet).
"There currently is no option to follow a specific hashtag. That's clearly missing."

-- Shal

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